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June 22, 2012 – Part I

Greg Take joins the Giving Legacy Show and outlines how his family has embodied the Christian Community Development model by moving in to Kansas City, Kansas and started a wave of redevelopment.  From renovating homes to organizing efforts to clean up the neighborhood to hosting large national programs such as Youth Works, Greg has lived by example of what it takes to rebuild America one sustainable community at a time.

Giving legacy 7-02-13 Greg Take Community Development by Giving Legacy Radio

July 2, 2012 – Part II

Greg Take talks about the community development work that is taking part in Kansas City, KS.  From the Prescott Neighborhood group “AQUI”, which is Spanish for “Here” and stands for Affiliated Quality Urban Initiatives, to the Youth Works summer program that unites youth from all across america to help rebuild blighted communities, Greg has been implementing Christian Community Development for decades.  Listen in as Greg outlines the critical components to the CCDA model.

Giving legacy 7-02-13 Greg Take Community Development by Giving Legacy Radio

July 4, 2012 – Part III

Greg Take continues to discuss the programs that are critical to successful community development.  In order for the community development programs to work, there needs to be more collaboration, more resources, and a steadfast pursuit to rebuilding communities.  Listen in as Greg talks about the successes and the roadblocks to community development.

Giving Legacy 7-04-12 Community Development – Greg Take by Giving Legacy Radio

July 6, 2012 – Part IV

Greg Take finishes up on the Giving Legacy show talking about the future of his community and what is still required to continue the pursuit of sustainable community development and in turn maintain the hope that the citizens of Kansas City, Kansas have latched on to.  Who are all the players in the rebuilding of a community and what does successful collaboration look like.  Listen in as Greg outlines all of these issues.

GL 07-06-12 Community Development Greg Take Part IV by Giving Legacy Radio
GL 07-06-12 Community Development Greg Take Part IV-2 by Giving Legacy Radio

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