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State of the Union – for the Children of Tomorrow

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December 12, 2012, Christopher Riley addresses the nation with his version of the state of the union address.  With an added twist, Riley challenges President Obama to include opening remarks focused on saving the Children of Tomorrow from a... Read More »

Riley Talks Medicare on the Doctor’s Orders Radio Show

America's Debt / Health Care / Radio Shows

December 7, 2012 Christopher Riley appears on the Doctor’s Orders radio show with Dr. Kipp VanCamp talking about the Medicare crisis.  Riley outlines the fiscal dangers the country faces and how we can actually get out of this debt... Read More »

2012 Presidential Election – Obama Four More Years (of Debt)

America's Debt / Health Care / Radio Shows

November 7, 2012 Christopher Riley tries to make sense of the 2012 election results across the country. With a $43 trillion shortage in the Medicare and Social Security trust funds, America is now headed for four more years of... Read More »

DKR Shifft Turnaround Specialists – The Time Has Come in the Health Care Industry!

America's Debt / Health Care / Radio Shows

September 26, 2012 Christopher Riley brings on his partners in their turnaround business to discuss the dangerous economic status in the US and what companies, especially in the medical industry, can do as this crisis unfolds.  John Daley and... Read More »

Chinese Business Relations – Stephen McCane

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September 24, 2012 Christopher Riley talks with his partner Stephen McCane, liaison to Chinese business relations.  McCane discusses the Chinese culture and the necessity for American business to respect and understand the Chinese before engaging in any business negotiations.... Read More »

Misdiagnosis – Health Care Reform by Dr. Kipp Van Camp

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September 14, 2012 Dr. Kipp Van Camp joins Christopher Riley to talk about his new book  Misdiagnosis.  Dr. Kipp is a practicing physician and he outlines health care reform from a practicing physician’s standpoint.  Listen in as Dr. Kipp... Read More »

Understanding the Medicare Debt Bomb

America's Debt / Health Care / Radio Shows

September 5, 2012 Christopher Riley outlines part I of this series on why Medicare is the driving force behind our country’s debt bomb ready to go off in the very near future.  Listen in as the Giving Legacy organization... Read More »

The Giving Legacy Plan by Christopher Riley

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August 27, 2012 Christopher Riley, founder of the Giving Legacy organization, outlines the entire Giving Legacy Plan and how it works to rebuild America one sustainable community at a time.  This is Part I of a three part series... Read More »

I am Christopher Riley and I represent the Children of Tomorrow in the 43 Trillion Challenge

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August 20, 2012 The Children of Tomorrow are being wronged by their country and they aren’t even born yet.  Christopher Riley is representing the Children of Tomorrow and on their behalf he has presented the 43 Trillion Challenge to... Read More »


America's Debt / Radio Shows / Youth

August 13, 2012 Do not vote in this election unless your candidate can answer this question: “With $43 Trillion dollars needed TODAY in order to ensure that the current estimates from the actuarial experts and trustees of Social Security... Read More »

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