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April 30, 2012

The national debt is rising at unsustainable levels and federal budget cuts are going to dramatically affect critical programs and citizens across our country.  However, what many citizens don’t know is that our individual states have debt crises of their own.  The state of Missouri has $8.3 Billion of debt led by unfunded pensions and health care promises.  The state of Illinois is over $130 Billion.  How are these states going to balance their budget and pay off their debt over time?  Listen in as Sheila Weinberg, founder of the Institute for Truth in Accounting, joins Christopher Riley on the Giving Legacy show to discuss how this state debt crisis will further impact our citizens.

May 2, 2012 – State Debt Crisis Part II

Sheila Weinberg joins the Giving Legacy Show for Part II of the state debt crisis. Listen as Christopher Riley and Sheila Weinberg go back and forth on what solutions exist, if any, to curtail the billions of dollars in debt in our state budgets.

May 4, 2012 – State Debt Crisis Part III

Join Christopher Riley as he hosts Sheila Weinberg with the Institute for Truth in Accounting for Part III of our state debt crisis.  Is there a way out and what do Riley and Weinberg think will be the solution going forward?

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