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October 24, 2012

Christopher Riley and Stephen McCane discuss what might be going on with all of this economic strife and talk of the end times.  What can or should we be doing to prepare ourselves…not financially but spiritually?  McCane and Riley go back and forth between modern day temptations and spiritual preparation in a world filled with material temptations.  When we get ready to take our last breath, will be be satisfied with how we lived our life, with how we loved one another, with how we took care of those less fortunate than ourselves?  Or, will we be saying, “I was just about to donate most of my money to charity and volunteer at the soup kitchen when my I got in this car accident,”  Don’t wait for tomorrow ladies and gentlemen, live your life the way God created you to live it right now!

Giving Legacy 10-24-12 Spiritual Preparation PT 1 by Giving Legacy Radio

October 26, 2012

Riley and McCane talk about how to slow down and listen to the Holy Spirit.  How to actually tune out the noise and the clutter from every day living and ground yourself with the one being that created you.  The ultimate source of knowledge and perfect wisdom is awaiting if you can stop the distractions long enough to listen.  Riley and McCane offer some suggestions on how to begin this process if you are having trouble listening to the voice of God.

Giving Legacy Radio – Spiritual Preparation Part 2 by Giving Legacy Radio

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