2012 Presidential Election – Obama Four More Years (of Debt)

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November 7, 2012

Christopher Riley tries to make sense of the 2012 election results across the country. With a $43 trillion shortage in the Medicare and Social Security trust funds, America is now headed for four more years of Government spending and Congress refusing to deal with the debt crisis.
Listen in to see what America is in store for as Republicans and Democrats continue their childish cat-fighting while $3 Billion in debt accumulates every day.  The country needs a turnaround and Christopher Riley outlines his Giving Legacy plan so the most vulnerable citizens and the Children of Tomorrow have a voice to preserve their chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Giving Legacy 11-07-12 2012 Election by Giving Legacy Radio

November 9, 2012

Christopher Riley continues to assemble a plan going forward for America in light of Tuesday’s Presidential election.  He brings on someone that has the authority to advise the American people how to responsibly move forward for the sake of the Children of Tomorrow…his mother.  Melinda Riley discusses what she would say to the American people if they knew about the debt bomb awaiting the Children of Tomorrow.

Giving Legacy 11-09-12 America’s Challenge Going Forward by Giving Legacy Radio

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