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August 27, 2012

Christopher Riley, founder of the Giving Legacy organization, outlines the entire Giving Legacy Plan and how it works to rebuild America one sustainable community at a time.  This is Part I of a three part series on how we need to get busy in this country solving our debt problem as the situation is increasing in magnitude with each week that goes by and we are leaving our children of tomorrow with an overwhelming situation that will rob them of their opportunity at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

GL Radio 8-27-12 Giving Legacy Plan by Giving Legacy Radio

August 29, 2012

Christopher Riley unfolds Part II of a three part series on how his Giving Legacy Plan can help reshape our country over the next 35 years with a 25 trillion dollar program implemented by We the People for We the People.  The Government is bankrupt and we need to allow them to fight that battle while continuing to stay focused on building our economy, taking care of our most vulnerable citizens, and maintaining our position in the global economic crisis that we all are currently facing.

William High, of the National Christian Foundation, outlines how in St. Louis, Missouri if only 25% more people donated 2% of their taxable income and those that are already donating added 2% there would be a $150 billion dollar benefit over 35 years with a present dollar value of $1.5 billion per year supporting the sustainable philanthropy organizations necessary to rebuild America.  Listen how this plan can reshape our pursuit of returning America to sustainability by starting in your own community.  Sustainable philanthropy in the areas of education, housing, human services, youth, urban initiatives and many more will benefit from the Giving Legacy plan that combines generosity with social entrepreneurship to build our economy while taking care of Americans responsibly.

GL Radio 8-29-12 Giving Legacy Plan by Giving Legacy Radio

August 31, 2012

Christopher Riley finishes up Part III of his series on the Giving Legacy Plan and how it can solve our economic and philanthropic issues simultaneously.  This plan only requires 2% of taxable income from 25% of individuals in major cities to rejuvenate their cities, take care of unemployment, homelessness, and other social issues that are plaguing cities across America.  In St. Louis alone this extra 2% provides $678 million each year and over the course of the 35 year Giving Legacy Plan with $55 billion being contributed, $72 Billion goes to support the sustainable philanthropy programs and $79 billion remains in the fund.  That is a $151 billion benefit for a $55 billion investment, or almost three times the original donated value.

GL Radio 8-31-12 Giving Legacy Plan by Giving Legacy Radio

September 21, 2012

Christopher Riley discusses what businesses and individuals can do to help America climb out of this economic crisis.  What can business owners do to ensure the sustainability of their business?  What can individuals do when the economy hits depression status?  The economic civil war is not out of the question and the Giving Legacy organization is preparing America to brace itself and get busy with the solutions.

Giving Legacy 9-21-12 What can You do? by Giving Legacy Radio

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