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August 13, 2012

Do not vote in this election unless your candidate can answer this question:

“With $43 Trillion dollars needed TODAY in order to ensure that the current estimates from the actuarial experts and trustees of Social Security and Medicare on all those that will be drawing social security and medicare benefits into the future, how are you going to make up that difference of $43 Trillion so our children of tomorrow are not saddled with that debt?”

If they don’t know where the $43 trillion dollar number came from…don’t vote for them.  If you can’t find a candidate that understands where that number came from, then don’t vote in this election.

I’m Christopher Riley and I represent the children of tomorrow.  As their representative, we want to know the answer to that question because if you don’t have an answer to that question then you are going to dump that $43 Trillion in our laps and we won’t stand for that.  Our country’s Debt is already at 100% of our GDP, well past the 60% level where alarm bells start going off, so how are we going to handle both debt situations when we are continuing to run deficits into the future.  We are on a catastrophic collision course that requires immediate fiscal solutions.  We need to ONLY vote for candidates right now that have the experience and willingness to resolve this situation.  Once resolved, we can then vote for all those that have their own agendas, but that is how we got here in the first place so our country’s leadership from local to federal levels needs to change or our children of tomorrow will be saddled with a fiscal situation almost too big to resolve.

Giving Legacy Radio – 43 Trillion Challenge by Giving Legacy Radio

August 15, 2012

Christopher Riley outlines in more detail the Medicare and Social Security crises unfolding before our very eyes.  Listen in as Chris describes the underfunded trust funds that are supposed to have our money in them, but the government has loaned that money out to other departments of the government because we spend trillions more than we bring in year after year.  Now, with at least $43 Trillion in present day dollars that we are short, Congress is trying to let the country down softly by ignoring the brutal facts…Christopher Riley is not ignoring them and is bringing them to the American public in his $43 Trillion Dollar challenge that he is presenting to all federal candidates in this 2012 election.

Giving Legacy 8-15-12 $43 Trillion Challenge PT II by Giving Legacy Radio

August 17, 2012

Christopher Riley continues his series on his $43 Trillion dollar challenge to our politicians and candidates in the 2012 election.  How are they going to remedy the fact that in present day dollars we are $43 Trillion dollars short of what we need just to match the actuarial experts and trustees’ projections for our Social Security and Medicare recipients going forward into the future?  Riley is representing the Children of Tomorrow and he is exploring whether these actions are not only immoral, unethical, and irresponsible, but could they be criminal?  Listen in to find out more on the largest $43 trillion pound gorilla that ever sat in the middle of Capital Hill.

Giving Legacy Radio – $43 Trillion Challenge by Giving Legacy Radio

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